Architectural Design

Various types of services that cover different aspects of architectural projects, from conceptual design, interior design, renovations, landscaping, to fully detailed construction drawings. Main types of projects included are residential, offices, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, bars, leisure spaces.

Urban Design

Creating projects that take into account many factors of complex urban environments. Dealing with public space in terms of design, function and interaction. These services range from large-scale masterplans to small-scale urban interventions.

Furniture Design

Inovative ideas for many different types of furniture. Exploring different shapes, functions, uses. Producing designs that are aesthetically pleasing and practical. Design range covers different materials, styles, scales and production techniques.

3D Modeling

Tool for design, presentation, simulation and, most of all, impressing the client. Creating almost any type of object in 3D space. Delivering an effective visualization that emphasizes the value of the project. Works include architecture, interiors, furniture, products, toys etc.

CAD Drafting

Service that provides a strong technical and practical support for all of the above. A way to get things done quickly and efficiently. Software tools create an opportunity for fast delivery, quick updates and high precision. Doing things efficiently and thinking while drawing.